What is the Student Appeal Process?

Many of the students who are dropped from a program at Angeles Institute are dropped for the following reasons; 

  • Academic Deficiency 
  • Poor Attendance
  • Academic Dishonesty

Some students experience an unforeseen personal hardship for example; the death or illness of a family member that directly affects their ability to focus on academics and succeed. In such a rare circumstance an appeals meeting may be scheduled to discuss whether a student will be allowed to re enter the program. 

The official Student Appeals Process is outlined below. 

Student Appeal Process

Students who are dismissed, voluntarily withdraw for failure to maintain satisfactory progress, fail to complete the terms of probation, or withdraw for any other reason (except exceeding the maximum program completion time), may request reinstatement or appeal of the dismissal based upon exceptional mitigating circumstances.

Such requests must be made in writing within 10 business days of the dismissal/withdrawal.

Appeal considerations will be based on the following;

  • Student’s overall attendance record
  • Academic progress
  • Professional development
  • Instructors’ recommendations
  • The circumstances (documentation of circumstances is required) surrounding the occurrence/incident that resulted in the withdrawal or dismissal.

The Student should also include their plan of action to correct previous deficiencies.

Re-admission is not guaranteed. An Appeals Board made up of Institute officials &/or the Program Director will review the written request and supporting materials. A decision will be made and the student will be notified in person or in writing within 15 business days. If approved, the student must comply with the terms issued by the Appeals Board for reentry. All decisions made by the Appeals Board &/or Program Director are final. 

Reentering Students

Students wishing to reenter will be required to file an appeal for readmission. The appeal needs to be reviewed by the Program Director and/or the Appeals Board.

The following terms apply to any student who is accepted for reentry; 

  • Students who have been dropped, withdrawn, or have failed a term will be allowed to repeat once
  • Students may only repeat a total of one term so as not to exceed maximum program time
  • Students must reenter under the admissions, academic, and administrative policies of the current catalog
  • Students must abide by the terms of the Appeals Board for reentry
  • Students financial account must be current at the time of reentry
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